pronker (pronker) wrote in m_a_recs,

Where did Master/Apprentice go to? Fifth day running, no M/A

It's not working -- it's too busy or the browser is on vacation.  Pooh.
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Glad to know I'm not the only one with problem accessing the M/A site, any idea on what's happened?
Hi. No, I don't. There is a maintainer named ... named ... and updating as of 4/07. Drawing a blank here.
The maintainer's name is, I think, Lori.
The maintainer's name is indeed Lori and she's as sweet as can be. I don't think she would have just up and left us high and dry with no Obi/Qui...but maybe MA ran out of funding? Or the server crashed? It's so weird, all I can access is the cgi bin...
As of 5/8/07, the site is back to its sassy self.