RueRoyale (thbogzdd) wrote in m_a_recs,

Lube Job, by Mrs. Hamill

Hello there! I'm going to give the first rec on this awesome new comm, yay! Though, in my opinion, the MA Archive isn't nearly as shitty as it's described in the info. It's more like a pile of plastic toys, some of which are more delightful than others.

Title: Lube Job
Author: Mrs. Hamill
Rating: NC-17
Review: There is a line in the Jedi Code about Sancarolita Day, a day on which a padawan can initiate a sexual liaison with his, her, or its Master. Obi-Wan, having discovered it at the tender age of 15, asks Qui-Gon for a sexual liaison. However, to his chagrin, Qui-Gon does not have lube.
Besides being very well written -it is written by Mrs. Hamill, after all- it shows Obi-Wan's adolescence very well. The realistic dialogue and whimsical Qui-Gon give this story its charm. The buildup makes the end that much more satisfying. There is chan (what a weird word) in it, but nothing more than talk happens while Obi-Wan is under 18.
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Aww, that was so cute! I was a bit sceptical with the premise, but it drew the story out nicely, and ended up v. adorable.

And thanks a whole bunch to favyan for setting this community up! I only just got sucked into Star Wars by Ep. III (I know, zero old-school cred for me), and I've been relying on recs lists like this to sort through the enormous Q/O oeuvre out there.
The site is well-maintained, has a neat banner with all the Council members on it, and provides hours of meandering: Mrs. Hamill writes with humor this fic with years of subtextual yearning and a marvelous sight gag at its end. You really get the idea of their adventures and star-spanning travels in this one.