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Sad Stories of Sorrow for September

M/A is chockful of sadness.  Obi-Wan wants love, is rebuffed by Qui-Gon, who worries about the age difference, the imbalance of power, the wrongness of it all.  Qui-Gon wants love, is downcast by Obi-Wan's promiscuity, his beauteous Padawan's gleeful acceptance of his inner-sex-fiend and the probable Jedi Council problems.  Not to mention the legal ones, if a certain Padawan isn't eighteen yet.  Poor fellows.  In what fandom used to call a "wallow," here are six sad, sad stories.  Warnings galore for character agony and sometimes death.

The first, Poison by Boots, is outrageously told with fierce declarations of a love for Qui-Gon that is painfully rebuffed.  Not even Yoda can understand the emotions galloping through his Temple and there is a resolution that will blind the reader with grief. 
There are some really raw images in this fic and Qui-Gon is even more obnoxious than some writers make him out to be in their gentler stories. 

The second one has been recc'd on lists for some time, but here is one more:  The Ceremony, by Glass Houses.  It is a determined Qui-Gon who cares for his wounded Padawan beyond all reason after the Zabrak apprentice nearly kills Obi-Wan in the Theed generator room.  Qui-Gon can defeat Maul, but not his own pitiful optimism.  Five-tissue alert, some terrific time-spanning guest stars. 

Darkest Before The Dawn by Mystique relates the awful effects of a true Force vision on a dutiful Jedi Master.  The Master allows nothing to stand in the way of his efforts to fulfill the will of the Force.  The Padawan pays the price. 

Fourth in the string of wallows is Of Crimson Joy by MrsHamill.  Another Jedi ritual story, this time a procedure crafted to provide therapy for Obi-Wan and any other Padawan who cannot come to terms with the effects of a mission that includes a pricey victory.  There is a topical aspect to the tragedy in the story, set in the GFFA as it is.  Dooku is in this one. 

In Shadows and Light by Sheryl, Obi-Wan is raped --- yes, again! --- and the effects gain him much comfort by Qui-Gon, with Bant and Tahl guest-starring.  This fic has some surprise sleemos at the very end.  One of them gets his just dues.  You won't pity him.

Finally, Brutal Truths by Clara Swift offers another version of a dutybound Qui-Gon, determined to make his Padawan into the best apprentice ever, even if it means disillusioning him in a shocking manner.  The ending characterizes Obi-Wan yet again as the saintliest Jedi extant and even makes you believe his reaction.  It's a disquieting fic to end the wallow in. 


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