pronker (pronker) wrote in m_a_recs,

"I did NOT have sex with that Padawan."

Since this is the August Month of Autoerotica, here are five (one for each finger) recs on M/A devoted to the one-handed, all-in-the-mind action genre:   Perchance to Dream, by Rushlight.  Qui-Gon watches Obi-Wan sleep, a sub-genre itself, and dreams of more than dreaming.  First person warning; I'm normally cool about FP, although it gives a sensual immediacy to this fic's narration.                     Dawn Patrol, by Briony.  Obi-Wan is the watcher, and watchee Qui-Gon knows.  It gives a small fillip to his performance.  An outdoor frolic, my fave.                              The Hand, by Litebrite 2000.  Aren't there any limits to that bond thing that they do?  Even the final frontier doesn't prove much of a barrier to intense shared dreams.                                       Kata, by Ghostwriter.  A brand-new kata leaves Obi-Wan with plenty of questions as to why it isn't included in the official curriculum.  Qui-Gon explains.       Stealth Masturbation Tactics, by Alaric.  In the glory days of the Republic, before the Dark Times, Jedi shared quarters, shared rooms, and even shared be-  -- no, it didn't get quite that crowded ---  prove that there were lots and lots of Jedi extant.  This can be both good and bad for trying-their-sexual-wings Padawans.  This fic is the thumb on the Fist of Furious Jedi-on-Jedi action, because any well-written parody or comic piece like this one stands apart.  Warning: Jello alert.
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