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Nostalgic November

Nostalgia:  yen, yearning, melancholy ... these are definitions from the thesaurus, but only one of these stories is truly nostalgic, in the sense of  recalling events taking place far in the past, which was my original understanding of the word.  Warning:  Teen sex, though the bottom age is sixteen, no pun intended.  There are three stories here,
with moods ranging from happy to jealous to murderous, plus different pairings of Q/O, A/O and Quin/O.  A good range for any reader's mental state:

The first, Mad Love by Elocin Oco, is the shortest.  It deals with Obi-Wan's yearning from afar for his Master, a sweet spying that turns rancid by the end of the fic.  Master doesn't seem to notice that the object of his affection is unworthy of him.  Obi-Wan notices, though.

The second, Coralie by Amy Fortuna, delves into Anakin's aggressive pursuit of his Master, one that is carried out so purposefully and successfully that when it backfires, Vader has the final say.  I like this one for its episodic nature, maybe because it took about one year to write, and for its portrayal of general lightheartedness and banter amid tones of foreshadowing darkness.  It is chilling and has an unusual setting; some OCs.  Qui-Gon is mentioned.  Anakin/Vader's voice is powerful and ultimately pitiable.  Nostalgia is harsh, sometimes.

The final one, Hyperspace by helgaleena, uses Quinlan Vos and Obi-Wan in their Padawan years to exemplify a tender relationship full of exploring, teen Jedi style.  This is a happy addition to the Stark-Hyperspace War, a Dark Horse comics piece that was a good look back on Old Republic Jedi Masters and Padawans in their full flowering (plus it showed a young Tholme!), also displaying what kinds of missions the Jedi used to embark upon.  Quin and Obi-Wan seem a likely pairing, if a somewhat unromantic one, but I guess that comes from my liking A/O a lot and Q/O just slightly behind that.  Quinlan is described well, particularly his psychometric abilities for those M/A readers who don't read comics. 

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