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Out-Of-Breath (From Laughing) Octet For October (or .com, sometimes) has oceans of risible fics.  Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon have loads of layers added to their characters, all from the little half-smile that Qui-Gon gives as he kneels in the Naboo swamp or his abashed look as Watto rejects his mind-control wave and equally from "The negotiations were short" quote from Obi-Wan in the first ten minutes of TPM.  Here are eight of them, starting on the wry side and working up to giddy, way out OOCness:   Charitable Deeds by Emu and 'chelle.  This fic has Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan doing the deed for charity.  It's second person, but don't let that dissuade "you."  "You" get to direct the action and the whole thing leads up to a broad-smile-worthy ending involving Yoda, but not That Way, in case Yoda is a turnoff.  There must be some Qui-Gon/Yoda out there, outside of Compay Segundo, though.   and its sequel,  are Eight Days A Week and Ninth Day, both by MrsHamill.  These two start out with a (half) bang and together show just how much Obi-Wan misses his Master, all the ways that he misses him, and with all the necessary devices (literally) he uses to keep from getting lonely.  Ninth Day has some prompts challenges that were met in a sterling way, including my favorite:  "And one must always account for torque."  I Give Good Melon by Elocin Oco features a shameless attack on innocent fruit.  Obi-Wan is the perp, a brash Obi-Wan put off by Qui-Gon's taking him for granted.  You'll have to guess what happens to the fruit.  Elocin Oco has also written Pushing Buttons, a Siriwan fic but on the Queer As Jedi forum, along with some others on that forum with Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan as a pairing, though mostly as a flashback; some stories from that forum are on MA as well, but I guess since most of them have Siri and Obi-Wan as a pairing also, they weren't included on MA.  Good Melon shows off the Q/O age difference well. is part of a Loopholes series by Emila-Wan Kenobi, showing just how two strongly-attracted Jedi make mincemeat out of the Code.  Let's just say they get very legalistic.  And inventive.    The Morning After by Chat Noir (who also wrote the wonderfully funny and many-times-recommended Jedi At The Gate) shows off her realism here:  when two people sleep together, they get to know each other's habits, and smells, and dreary morning personae So. Very. Well.  Too well.  It takes work to make a relationship succeed,  and Qui-Gon is diligent.  He has to be, in this fic.  A New Dimension by The Rose is one fic I'd been looking for since first reading it in '06.  (Didn't know how to do Favorites then.)  This is a dimension-traveling fic, not something I care for, but with the added attraction of little parodies of fics by some of the early TPM slashers such as Destina Fortunato, this one is very good, even has an overstory that begs for a happy ending.  It's funny and a little sad, too.  But mostly funny.  Some recs by the author at the end.

Last and wildly not least, is , Porn by Boots and Jade parodies gay porn novels and does it very well.  Um, not that I've read any, but it seems an accurate take on self-described gigantic cocks and nasty settings and subservient Jedi apprentices.  It manages to be funny.

I feel a little lonely on this comm, so maybe I'll stop reccing things.  But maybe not, because leisure time to read is precious and if I've saved even one slasher from a misspent time, looking for entertainment or a few laughs, this post is worth it.  I'm posting this now, as well as link-checking and trying to figure out why some links look blue and others purple.  It's a mystery, along with why sometimes it"s MA.COM and other times it's MA.ORG. 

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